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INSS provides consulting services and bespoke hard- and software solutions for neuroscience research laboratories worldwide

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Software, Hardware & Consulting Services
for Multiphoton Microscopy

Innovative experiments often require equipment that is either not readily available on the market or prohibitively expensive. Self-building is often the best option, but can be daunting and onerous. INSS can help: We offer a unique "Assisted-DIY" solution for cost-efficient bespoke equipment. We have over 15 years of experience in designing and building custom equipment for neuroscience research, including multiphoton microscopes, sensory stimulation devices and behavioural setups as well as software tools for data acquisition, data analysis and image processing. We use readily available off-the-shelf components to build bespoke hard- and software for multiphoton microscopy, at a price that is up to 30% cheaper compared to established microscope vendors. And we can ensure that your custom equipment matches your experimental requirements perfectly.



You can control custom-built microscopes with any freely available software package that you may already be familiar with (for example ScanImage, SciScan, ACQ4, and others). Alternatively (or additionally), we can provide bespoke software (written in LabVIEW or Matlab) to control your microscope and to synchronize or communicate with external devices (for sensory stimulation, behaviour, electrophysiology, etc.). We can also help with automating your data analysis workflow to improve efficiency. Remote desktop software allows us to provide quick and easy software support anywhere in the world.


Your research question is always the starting point. We identify the most suitable components for your application and you can purchase them directly from industry-leading suppliers (Thorlabs, Cambridge Technologies, Newport, Hamamatsu, Chroma, Semrock, etc.) to minimize overhead costs and achieve the best value for money. We will combine those components into a purpose-built multiphoton system that is tailored to your specific experimental requirements. Your custom microscope will match or exceed the performance of ready-made microscopes from established vendors, but it will cost up to 30% less. And with a custom microscope you can easily add new functionality in the future.


We provide independent and impartial advice on a wide range of technical and commercial topics. Please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to save you time and money. Here are two examples:
  ●   Do you need an expert opinion before making an important purchasing decision? We can help you to achieve the best value for money when buying neuroscience equipment.
  ●   Do you require microscopy training for your graduate students or post-docs? We can arrange training sessions online or on-site, covering topics such as optical design, electronic engineering, data acquisition, image processing, laser safety and more.